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A modern eCommerce solution for a personalized multi-channel eShop of advanced functionalities that delivers products and top user experiences within various industries.

To achieve personalization and enable an automated system of recommendations, predictive tools have been developed within the Impoqo wit lab.

Impoqo -
driven by precision, guided by trusted tools.

Impoqo provides predictive insights to help users better understand and maximize CLV (customer lifetime value). Understanding the habits, needs, and patterns of behavior contributes to creating a more precise offer for a more precisely targeted segment of visitors and former customers.

Predictive tools and machine learning enable the discovery of patterns, and insights into user data, finding the optimal solution for a specific problem, and achieving set business goals.

The precision of Impoqo predictive tools can be used as a comparative advantage

and as a secret tool for decision-making:

  •  Generates the desired user engagement

  •  Optimizes marketing and sales activities

  •  Optimizes logistics and procurement

Multiple predictions:

  • About the product

  • About the customer

Impoqo ensures increased revenue with new technologies applied for intense customer attraction and engagement. Customer satisfaction is raised through additional information and experience excellence, which all increase loyalty and retention as the main target.

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Impoqo with lab

Impoqo wit lab is a solution that applies machine learning over various data sources to discover valuable business laws.

Personalized and relevant user experience is achieved thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for extracting insights from diverse data sources - demographic data, preferences, behavior, lifestyle, interactions, hobbies, interests, professions

Impoqo - 
a modern solution that sets you apart!

Next best offer: Predictive tools can create the next personalized offer of devices and packages for the user, based on aggregated user data


Marketing automation: Automatic market segmentation and personalized campaigns (newsletter, SMS, Viber, portal)


New sources of income: Identifying user needs and movement of individual segments allows for partnerships and new sources of revenue

Churn prevention: Identification of customer dissatisfaction, proactive bidding, customer support, increasing UX, and preventing churn


Optimization: Intelligent and proactive mobile network optimization and wifi offload planning

Investment construction: The highest profitability of investment construction according to the profit potential of geolocation


Personalized approach


Personalized approach



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