Bizit: Dark Web and All Risks to the Company

Security is very important in the modern era.

Representative of Roaming Solutions group, Dmitar Culafic, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Roaming Networks, with the assistance of Tamara Belanc, dealt with the darkest sides of the modern connected world at the Bizit 2021 conference. 

His presentation “What does the dark web know about your company? Why is it such a big deal?” points to the enormous risks to which organizations and financial institutions are exposed.

At the same time, the Recorded Future platform was introduced. This platform analyzes and tracks potential risks arising from different sides, including the dark web, for which a collaboration with Clico is credited. 

“All our investments in security, turns out, aren’t enough. Why? Everything new we were buying added to the old infrastructure and thus we created an increasingly complex infrastructure that had all kinds of problems. At the same time, hackers have been investing in themselves and they have created increasingly sophisticated attacks, so today we need to rely much more on automation and artificial intelligence – as hackers do that, too. It is not enough to deal with security only at the internal network level, but we must also know what others know – those who gather somewhere out there, on the dark sides of the Internet and pose a threat to companies and users. And we need to know that promptly. More than 50 million references are added to Recorded Future every day, so we have billions of references from which we get timely knowledge through analysis”, our colleague Dmitar concluded.

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