DSC Europe 2021: About data and other secrets of artificial intelligence

„It was my first time to attend in-person some Data Science related conference and therefore Data Science Conference Europe and I can say that I’m very satisfied with what I’ve experienced in those few days“, says Mladen Canovic, a member of our Data Science Team, when we asked him to share his experiences from the conference with us.

„A lot of great speakers & interesting topics regarding DS usage in numerous fields such as sports, finance, healthcare, automotive industry, etc. Everything was pretty smooth concerning the event organization, too. It was a great honour for me to present at DSC Europe something what we’ve worked on in Enetel’s DS team over the past year – it is a very interesting project in which we use different AI methods in order to extract all sorts of information from tennis full match videos, which are later used to assist players to analyze and thus improve their game“, Mladen conveys his impressions.

You can watch Mladen’s presentation in its entirety below.

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