Our SAP story


Enetel Solutions is an SAP Gold partner, awarded for the first SAP cloud implementation.

Every day we continue to observe the development and growth of SAP by raising our capabilities and knowledge of new technologies, as evidenced by experience on projects in which we could apply technologies such as Commerce Cloud, Customer Data Cloud, and Qualtrics.

It all started with 4 persons, while now it’s a team of over 40 people.

The great growth has imposed the employment of about 20 consultants at once and the acquisition of one of the oldest companies for the SAP implementation in the region – b4b.
Company b4b covers the complete implementation process of business solutions and consultancy services for each segment of business, having highly in mind the specific needs of each client.

We have also successfully completed localizations due to changes in the law in the countries in the region, fully in line with all the complex requirements of users.


  • SAP licenses distribution
  • Consultancy for SAP products implementation
  • Professional training and support for SAP products users
  • Development of local versions of the SAP product &
  • Translation and localization of SAP solutions for SAP AG

So far, we have worked with more than 60 companies, and from the  industries in which they operate, we single out these.

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