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We believe that people do make a difference in the world of technology


Creating a software solution for fieldwork is not an easy task. There are a lot of challenges and complexities that different telco teams face every day on the field. So, when we first started working on CloseOut, we took years of fieldwork experience from our partners and made a platform that can help every telco company overcome day-to-day fieldwork challenges.

Making software is one thing but using it in real life is entirely different. We know that adapting to new software solutions can sometimes take months, even years. The onboarding process and customer support are essential for adopting new software solutions.

Being aware of this, we wanted to achieve two things:

• Make the onboarding process easy and fast

• Have an efficient customer support

So, how did we achieve that? First, we used the experience of our partners to create an onboarding process that shows our clients how to use CloseOut with well-known Telco procedures and their projects. That way, it's much easier to follow and adapt to new software solutions when you are already familiar with some of the aspects you see.

"For us, the most valuable in CloseOut is support during the rollout and set up of the application to our projects, as well as the simplicity and structure similar to Windows folder structure."

Fred Teichman

Senior Network Engineer

Gogo Business Aviation



But what happens after you start using CloseOut? We got that solved too, with our knowledge base covering CloseOut inside and out, so you will get the info you need, whenever you need it. We also ensured that our customer support team is there if you need them.

Employees of one of our clients, m:tel Banja Luka, did a survey where our onboarding process and customer support got the highest score in all categories.

"We are satisfied with the CloseOut application; it is applied in four segments of the access and transport network without any problems. Together with Customer support, we successfully solved all the doubts and questions that arose during the pilot project. Also, I thank the entire CloseOut team for understanding our specific application needs and quick responses to each of our requests."

Nevena Ninković

Head of CPE planning and optimization

m:tel Banja Luka


We genuinely believe that people do make a difference in the world of technology, so our customer support team always goes the extra mile to understand customers’ business needs and answer daily challenges.

We can show you how it works first-hand, you can book a demo by clicking here below:


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