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Audio Visual Information System

Real-time information provision is extremely important nowadays. In this way, we reduce the risk of not acting as planned in certain unforeseen circumstances. 

The placement of the design solution can be adjusted according to the specified needs of the purchaser

The real-time passenger information system is an automated system that provides public transport passengers with up-to-date data about train trip schedules. Said data mainly focuses on planned time of arrival, delays, and train routes. Nevertheless, the system can provide pieces of information that the public transport company considers to be important. Data can be provided through visual or voice means.

In addition to visual information on the current arrival times displayed on dynamic passenger information boards, there is also a voice notification automatically generated by the text-to-speech (TTS) software.


Automatically generates and broadcasts messages related to the planned driving schedule and its possible changes. Before being broadcast, the message is marked and played according to the specified order.

The display broadcasts messages using the TTS component in the language specified by the customer's request. There are no restrictions on language selection. The software solution supports multilingualism. Due to the client's needs, messages are implemented in the language that is in local use in this case. 



Everything that travelers need from information in one place

The messages that are displayed are systematically checked to see if they comply with the established schedule or if there are deviations in implementation.


By comparing the planned driving schedule with the realized one, the system generates the right information that is valuable to passengers in real-time. When it comes to railroad-specific needs, a real-time passenger information system is designed by the regulations and guidelines of a given railway operator. 

​AVIS software solutions provide reliable information in the following ways:

  • Visual information for passengers via track, arrival, and departure information boards.

  • Audio passenger information via automatically generated synthesized voice messages

  • Availability of information in different parts of the station: platform, track, vestibule, underpass

  • Full compliance with published audio messages and information displayed on information boards

  • Notifications of changes on information boards in real-time with clear visual indicators

  • Dynamic generation of audio messages about changes in real-time


By providing travelers with real-time information, our software solutions take care of their travel comfort and contribute to the increase in the attractiveness of public transport. Thanks to this, all passengers can plan their trip and make more informed decisions in case of delays or cancellations. Real-time information gives passengers greater control over their own time planned for travel.

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