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Telekom IRIS GO & IRIS SMART, Multiscreen IPTV applications.


Give customers online and on-demand streaming content and services on a variety of devices. The Iris IPTV solution should be available on the web, mobile devices, and smart TV sets.


IRIS GO is a modern IPTV solution designed to give customers a superb viewing experience and services for live TV shows and videos on-demand on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets as well as on the web via browsers. Iris GO application for the web is designed for watching video content on personal computers and laptops using any major browser. Iris GO mobile application is available for Apple iOS and Android smart devices.


IRIS SMART application is designed for watching video content on all major smart TV devices. The application is available on Android, LG, and Samsung smart TV application stores.


  • IPTV streaming service is available on personal computers, laptops, smart mobile phones, and smart TV sets

  • A variety of IPTV services is available in all applications ( timeshift, catch-up, etc. )

  • Several payment methods were implemented for easy purchase of additional content and services




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