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Looks like we have a winner. Enetel solutions takes part in the sports segment


Enetel Solutions, in its various projects, uses solutions that involve the use of artificial intelligence. With a tendency to facilitate business for its clients, through various business processes of automation and digitalization of data, Enetel solutions single out projects that are involved in the development and progress of processes in sports.

Due to the increasing use and re-use of historical documentation, especially when it comes to progress in sports, it is necessary to accept the fact that the implementation of artificial intelligence in monitoring and analyzing sports matches accelerates and facilitates planned progress.


The analysis leads us to a clearer picture

of what we need to work on

The Data Science team is working on the development of the Digital Coach System, which, if applied in tennis, provides the ability to analyze the performance of players from the beginning of their careers, more precisely the application analyzes all matches that are successfully archived.

By analyzing these data, a detailed report was obtained on the player's movement, strength, and proper technique of using tennis techniques during the match, as well as potential places to work when it comes to improving the game.

Regular strength training, work on the strength of the blow, and the speed of movement of tennis players are the main focuses and foundations of a successful game. Players always concentrate on the next shot and prepare significantly for each subsequent shot.

The Digital Coach System can be used to analyze specific tennis strokes.

The system marks and selects shots according to the category - whether it is a forehand, backhand, slice, and others, and then players can analyze in detail the points according to individual types of shots during the game.

The semantic segmentation of tennis matches gives a broader picture of the general performance of a player, who does not necessarily have to be a professional player. When it comes to the popularization of tennis, its use has shifted from professional courts to courts that gather seriously ready recreational players and tennis fans of lower leagues.

Digital Coach system with the ultimate goal of improving the current way of playing and preparing participants in sports to win. The system records and analyzes various pockets during the game, even movements when the player is resting, kicking the ball, their strength and accuracy, and finally, use it all as important factors that are crucial in resolving the victory status on the field.

It is a great honor to present to you one of the recordings of our software that monitors the movements of the tennis ball, as well as the movements of the player on the court through the simulation of a tennis match. It is a great pleasure to be part of innovations in the sports segment.

See the full video and a demonstration of our software below:

We can show you how it works first-hand, you can book a consultation by clicking here below:



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