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Ensure consistency, accuracy and shot control by using AI wearable devices


Detecting a shot quality estimation

Enetel Solutions uses AI-based solutions in multiple projects to improve and accelerate their clients’ business through different automation and digitalisation processes.

Enetel Solutions loves to point out projects where we work on sports advancements using these principles.

Some of the sports that are currently the focus of our Data Science team are tennis and basketball. Enetel Solutions finds ways in which it can contribute to the improvement of the standard processes related to each of these two globally very popular sports. One of the approaches is the use of wearable devices, which represent technology, increasingly used during the training process in order to collect relevant data. Later analysis of the collected data can lead to certain conclusions, which can influence the making of important decisions of players or coaches, the improvement of the performance of certain activities (whether basic or some more complex movements), and the analysis of scenarios that can lead to injury, but also the management recovery after injury.

Enetel Solutions is working on the development of a system for the analysis and improvement of shooting techniques in basketball, that is the analysis and improvement of basic shots in tennis.

The system consists of a wearable device (smart bracelet) and an AI model that, after a detected shot/punch, warns the user (by vibrating the bracelet) about potential irregularities in the technique of the shot/punch. The system can be used in individual as well as in group training depending on the number of available devices.

Data Science Team

The wearable device, in this case, a smart wristband, is set to the appropriate level for analysis, so the shot/shot is analyzed considering the level of the user (if it is an amateur player, it makes no sense to compare his serve with that of a professional, etc.). Recorded shots can be further analyzed after training, that is, you can see exactly where the system detected a problem, and what needs to be corrected. As the player progresses, their game will be compared to the next appropriate level depending on the settings.


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